TV Actress Roundtable

I started at The Hollywood Reporter in January 2016 as the Senior Awards Editor, tasked with providing year-round awards content centered on the Oscar and Emmy races. This is what awards coverage has come to — it really is a year-round race to uncover every possible angle on the most critically-lauded films and TV shows. Emmy planning starts before the Oscar ceremony even occurs, and then Oscar planning begins before the Primetime Emmys telecast. And every year, the fervor increases among awards consultants and personal and network/studio publicists to get as much editorial for their clients as possible. But it's always so rewarding to celebrate such amazing work, especially in this age of Peak TV and essential filmmaking (Moonlight, Spotlight, etc.). 

The gallery below is a peek into some of my responsibilities at THR, which includes a lot of wrangling — for our Emmy and Oscar Roundtables as well as cover and inside features. For the weekly magazine, I edit the Playbook section during awards season; it's anywhere between two and six pages in the feature well. These supplement the special issues I also edit for both Oscars and Emmys. Between the weekly and the specials, we get pretty granular on the contenders, covering all the above- and below-the-line work being done. 

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