In the fall of 2010 I embarked on my second masters degree, this time in Library and Information Science, which I was awarded by Rutgers University's School of Communication and Information in January 2013. I somehow managed to move cross country and have my son while I finished my coursework. My areas of academic interest were digital literacy, the information-seeking behavior of underserved users such as Latino immigrants, and Library 2.0, which you can read about in the paper embedded below. For that assignment, I was tasked with consulting an actual librarian (who is anonymous in the report) on an issue in his/her library. We tackled incorporating technology not only at the library, but also among the support staff. The image above is from a storyboard I created for a digital story about Latino immigrants and their pioneering use of information and communication technologies (ICTs). At the bottom of this page is a slideshow of other projects I loved completing during the course of my studies. 

I'd still love to return to the library world one of these days. I definitely have used so much of my MLIS degree in my return to the journalism world, especially the digital end of things. I'm also so much more organized and efficient, which is essential now that I wear multiple hats. And I know that what I do today as an editor will inform my library work. These two facets of my career are not mutually exclusive, and that's not only a relief, but a pretty cool development. 

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