I returned to my previous career as a magazine editor in September 2013, after a five-year break that involved getting married, moving cross-country (twice), starting a family and finishing a second masters degree, in Library and Information Science. It was while I was looking for employment as a librarian that I was drawn back to show business journalism. AwardsLine is the awards-season print magazine of the immensely popular Hollywood industry website, Deadline Hollywood. Within six months of my arrival, the two-person editorial team I was on was downsized to one-person: me. As the new editor in chief my purview also was doubled to include the task of relaunching a web presence for AwardsLine, this time as a vertical on the Deadline site. My day-to-day workflow was spent managing the print issues that cover the Oscar and Emmy races as well as managing the awards-related digital content that goes on the AwardsLine section of Deadline. It was a lot of ground to cover, but every Oscar and Emmy race is exciting and different. It keeps things interesting.

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